About Us


A little about us and who we are:

Gaziantep Sweets is a Wholesale Manufacturing Company for Turkish desserts specialising in hand made baklava and chocolates. We were founded in year 1999 by Zeki Atilgan starting from our Kitchen at home using our traditional ways to create the best baklava for all across Australia.

Zeki has been back and forth from Gaziantep Turkey since he was a young boy where his family has originated from. He picked up the family tradition of handmade Baklava since he was a young boy learning from his relatives in Gaziantep. Zeki and his Head Chef now work alongside each other and create using the finest ingredients sourced from the local Pistachio Farms in Gaziantep Turkey. We import all our pistachios kernels from Gaziantep called ‘Boz” Fistik as shown in pictures. Here at Gaziantep Sweets we want to be the best at what we do and have been passionate about making fresh Baklava and pastrys since 1999 and will always push to do the best as we love what we do. 



We also use local Australian products throughout our products, we use all the highest quality ingredients to give the best flavour and texture to all our products. Each tray is made with consistancy and baked everyday here in Sydney in our factory. We have the state of the art equipment and facilities to produce large wholesale quantitys of the best baklava for sydney across Australia.  Our products can be found in many suppliers or stores across Australia. Feel free to email us if you would like more information.

We consist of a great team of highly expert Pastry Chefs alongside Zeki and we work towards creating new exciting flavours. Zeki has created the very first and own Chocolate baklava using many flavours and ingredients for some of the Chocoalate lovers.

We have been featured in many Tv Shows and Food Safari programs across NSW, we also have worked with some talented Chefs from Master Chef and Execute Head Chefs from well known Resturants across Sydney.

We provide a lot of our hand made and specialty Baklava for fine dining and cafes across Sydney 6 days a week.

We produce our own Kadayif Pastry using our traditional hot plate cooker weekly to create fresh sweets.

 Our Products Gaziantep Sweets Manufacture include:

  • Pistachio Baklava (hand made)
  • Pistachio Baklava (FiloPastry)
  • Pistachio Roll (only Available Hand Made)
  • Walnut Baklava (Hand made)
  • Walnut Baklava (FiloPastry)
  • Cashew Baklava
  • Pistachio Baklava Vegan
  • Walnut Baklava Vegan
  • Kadayif Walnut Roll
  • Kadayif Pistachio Roll
  • Kadayif Flat Pistachio
  • Kadayif with Cheese
  • Kunefe
  • Lady Finger Baklava (Pistachio or walnut)
  • Bird Nest Baklava
  • Chocolate Baklava
  • Nutella Baklava
  • White Chocolate Baklava
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Baklava
  • White Chocolate Coconut Baklava
  • White Chocolate Cherry Ripe Baklava
  • Milk Chocolate Cherry Baklava
  • Bounty Chocolate Baklava
  • Biscoff baklava 
  • Choclava 
  • Oreo Baklava


  • Cookies and Cream Baklava
  • Triple Chocolate Baklava
  • Biscoff Baklava
  • Peanut Butter Flavour Baklava
  • Salted Caramel Baklava
  • Pistachio Chocolate Baklava
  • Seker Pare
  • Revante
  • Tulumba (Deep fried Pastry)
  • Su Borek
  • Kol Borek
  • Biscuits
  • Turkish delight (imported from turkey)
  • Turkish Delight (Manufactured by RTD)


We Manufacture Fresh Baklava Daily that consists of Traditional Baklava, Hand Made Baklava, Chocolate Baklava



If you would like any questions or want to stock our products, please feel free to Email us or call our store.